How do I know if school is closed or late?

Parents, to learn of closures and updates, please login to ProCare at:
Or, visit your smartphone's app store to download and use the ProCare: Child Care App.

Additionally, the HCA answering machine will be updated by 6:00 A.M. Call 425-485-2585.

How are closure decisions made?

We generally intend to follow the Northshore School District closure decisions. On occasion, we may decided to make a different call depending on various factors involved with being a smaller school.

Specific terms defined

“Closed” No school, preschool-8th grades. No after school activities. No elementary before/after school care. No preschool extended care.

“Late Start” No elementary before school care. No morning Kindergarten. All-day Kindergarten-8th grades begin 2 hours late, at 10:15. No morning preschool. Preschool extended care opens 2 hours late, at 9:00.

What if I have signed up for child care on a non-school day?

Turn on ProCare notifications so that you will receive messages regarding closures and other important information.