HCA History

Serving the Community Since 1979

In 1939, Ruth and Carey Milam bought five-acres of "old growth stump" property in Bothell. Carey and Ruth were dedicated Christians who, from the beginning, had dedicated this property to the Lord.

Since both their fathers had been pioneer preachers in the Northwest, their dream was to someday have a church in Bothell. As they were clearing the land and building their home they left a large cedar tree on the northeast corner of the property. Ruth was a dreamer and a visionary. The spot under this tree soon became the 'quiet place' where she would go to pray. Ruth would pray that someday God would use their property to establish not only a Baptist church in Bothell, but also a Christian school. This tree still stands next to the 104th Avenue entrance.

Carey was a public school superintendent, and both he and Ruth were strong supporters of Christian schools where the teachers could freely teach from a biblical perspective.  

Ruth's prayers would eventually be answered.

Ruth lived long enough to attend the first meeting in the new First Baptist Church of Bothell building (now CrossPointe Church) and Carey lived to see Heritage Christian Academy started in 1979.

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