Elementary, K-5th 

In our elementary program we embody the core values at HCA. When you are here, you become forever family. With faith in our unwavering Father, we equip your child to pursue Jesus daily.  Your child will walk through our elementary doors every morning feeling the unconditional love of Christ, and our HCA staff.   In unity, we believe it is important to collaborate together to reach your whole child: spiritually, intellectually, socially, and emotionally.  Through leading by example, we encourage your son or daughter to approach every situation with grace and integrity.  Our high standard of excellence in integrated academics motivates your child to challenge himself or herself to demonstrate diligence in every aspect of their lives and beyond their time at HCA.

Elementary, K-5th

Spiritual Growth
In addition to Bible Class, we integrate biblical principles throughout all areas of our curriculum. Chapel is a weekly event with a focus on worship and a variety of speakers, missionaries, and groups presenting the Gospel to our students. First through fifth grade students work together as a class to organize and lead a “share” chapel. Classroom teachers seek to provide opportunities for service in the community and around the world as they strive to develop an attitude of giving among our students and families. Teachers lead daily devotions with students to further develop spiritual growth.

Elementary Specialists
Elementary students enjoy classes taught by specialists in Computer, Science STEM Lab, Music, Art, Library, and Physical Education.

Social Climate
In addition to having loving teachers in the classroom, students have access to a wonderful recess and playground area. Students are supervised by recess teachers, providing a safe and secure environment for all students. Biblical principles in discipline are taught throughout the school both inside and outside the classroom. The emphasis is the development of young people who reflect Christ's love in all they do. Our desire is to work hand-in-hand with families to develop young people with a heart to serve and glorify God as they thrive and are challenged to excel in classroom and social settings.

Computer Literacy
Our goal is to increase faculty use of existing technology and to implement new technologies as they become available. We strive to utilize this technology to better communicate with students and parents. Most classrooms are equipped with the latest in active board technology for interactive teaching and learning. 

Academic Success
Heritage uses a traditional curriculum with diverse teaching methods. We strive to reach all students through differentiated learning opportunities. We believe that no child fits in a box, and we are proud to have the Learning Success Center to both support and challenge students. Please see our standard curriculum below.

Elementary Curriculum

  • Math: 
    • K-5th: Saxon Math
  • Language Arts: 
    • K-5th: Bob Jones University
    • K-5th: Excellence in Writing
    • Kindergarten: Zoophonics
  • Reading
    • K-5th: Bob Jones University
    • K-2: Reading A to Z
    • 4th and 5th: Novel studies
  • Spelling 
    • 1-5th: Bob Jones University
    • Weekly word lists and assessments
    • Proofreading practice
  • Handwriting
    • 1st-5th: A Reason for Handwriting

      • Cursive begins in Grade 2
  • Bible
    • K-2nd: Bob Jones University
    • 3-5th: Inductive Bible Studies for Kids
    • Memory verses
    • Weekly chapel
  • Science
    • 1-5th: Bob Jones University
    • Science reports
    • 5th: Camp Casey Outdoor Education experience
    • Weekly STEM lab
  • History/Geography
    • 1-5th: Bob Jones University
    • 3rd: President report and biography (Live Wax Museum)
    • 3rd-5th: Memorization of historical documents and speeches
4th and 5th: Family, State, Nation and World history and geography reports
In addition, HCA offers an Extended Child Care Program. Available from 7:00a - 6:00p daily - Billed in half hour increments.

We look forward to meeting you and your family
and sharing all that HCA has to offer!