Loving teachers carefully guide each child through enriching daily activities with happiness, enthusiasm and Christ’s love. Children quickly learn that Christian love is not just talked about at Heritage, but it is practiced as well. We genuinely believe that every child is precious, and we communicate that daily. Every nation, tribe and tongue is welcomed and celebrated here! We look forward to meeting you and your family and sharing all that HCA has to offer!

Preschool (Ages 30 months through 5 years of age)

*Students must be fully potty-trained and out of Pull-Ups*
In the preschool department, we believe in balance!  We do not consider ourselves academic or play-based, but a perfect combination of both.  There is time for learning, exploring, playing and growing!  HCA preschool is also known for a love of diversity, seen in our student body, and we celebrate all of those represented through exploring the world and the way God created it.  Cultural Studies, and the exploration of similarities and differences around the world, is truly what makes our preschool stand out from others in the area.  We believe that if we give students a foundation rooted in love, celebrating the uniqueness that is in every person’s God-given design, they will carry that understanding through their lifetime and spread it throughout the world. HCA teachers and staff work diligently to create fun, meaningful and memorable experiences through the school year. Our focus in all academics begins with a Christ-centered foundation and remains fluid through the student's educational experience.

Depending on the age and developmental maturity level of each class, our curriculum includes mathematic concepts, phonetic recognition, pre-reading skills, scientific exploration, cultural awareness and fosters social/emotional development. We do not take a purely academic or play-based approach, by instead, create a perfect balance of both. Our goal is to instill a holistic approach in the next generation, raising awareness of who Jesus is as Creator and Savior of all.

All children are placed in a classroom by age and remain in the same classroom for the year. Each grade level (P3, P4 and P5) have a special forest mascot that represents our PNW home. Children need a morning snack, lunch and water bottle daily, as well as a small blanket and/or pillow for nap time.
Please look at our Preschool Daily Schedule to better understand how a typical school day looks for your child! Spacious, modern classrooms have a maximum of 20 children per class, with a teacher and an assistant.

A special fenced preschool playground provides a safe outdoor play area and our large campus allows for many nature walks where learning can be brought outdoors.

We also offer on-site field trips, class parties and a special Spring music program.

Our curriculum includes:

  • Literacy Development with the use of Zoo-phonics
  • Identifying letters, A-Z
  • Phonetic recognition
  • Science exploration through Scholastic Science World
    • Animals
    • Weather
    • Plants
    • Insects
    • Life-Cycles
    • S.T.E.M.
    • HCA Learning Garden (simple Horticulture)

  • Math Fundamentals and Understanding through a variety of curriculum
    • Counting and Recognition of numbers 1-10 (P3)
    • Counting and Recognition of numbers 1-20 (P4)
    • Counting and Recognition of numbers 1-50 (P5)
    • Rote Counting
    • 1:1 Correspondence
    • Shapes/Colors
    • Spatial Awareness
    • Sequencing
    • Patterns
    • Time/Measurements/Currency (P5)

  • Music and Movement (including music from around the world)
  • Bible Lessons with The Fruit of the Spirit 4 Kids!
    • A different fruit is studied every month
    • Both Bible and secular stories are shared to gain further understanding
    • Monthly Bible verse memorization
    • Chapel – a time to look at Bible Hero’s that exemplify the Fruit
    • Short videos and crafts that enhance the concepts
    • Prayer and Worship

  • Cultural Studies
    • Teaching cultural diversity
    • A different country is studied every month as the students look at differences and similarities
    • Clothes, food, music, language and geography are examined

In addition, HCA offers an Extended Child Care Program. Available from 7:00a - 6:00p daily - Billed in half hour increments.

We look forward to meeting you and your family
and sharing all that HCA has to offer!