Who We Are

The Learning Success Center cultivates student success by supporting and challenging our students. To cultivate implies to promote or improve the growth of a plant with labor and attention. Just as a plant needs such attention, so does a child. The mission of the LSC is to equip our students to grow and blossom academically, socially, spiritually, and physically into the unique individuals God created each of them to be.


Founder and Director Stephanie Andreotti (formerly Mosset) opened the Learning Success Center at HCA in 2016. Mrs. Andreotti has dedicated her teaching career to meeting the unique and individual needs of all students, and she strongly believes that no child fits in one box.  It was her dream to be able to meet student needs while at the same time sharing her love of Christ.
As a private Christian school, Heritage is positioned to offer quality, tailored education all within a Christ-centered environment. From a highly capable student to a student who is struggling, the goal of the LSC is to identify needs proactively before the student becomes disengaged or fails.

Who We help

Children do not fit into a one-size-fits-all box. In the Learning Success Center, we work to meet the unique and individual needs of students to cultivate success by supporting, challenging, and promoting growth.

Support: We offer support services to students who are struggling academically, socially, or behaviorally. We have a variety of programs that we can tailor to promote growth and success.

Challenge: We offer advanced programs for students who need to be challenged beyond their classroom academics.

our programs

Learning Success Center programs are offered at an additional fee.

504 Individual Accommodation Plans: A 504 plan outlines your child’s specific needs through accommodations, modifications, and other LSC services.  We offer both an accommodation plan and a modification plan. The plan is a contract between parents, teaching staff, and administration. The 504 contract may or may not entail additional LSC support services.  All 504 plans require a medical diagnosis.

Tutoring Services: The LSC provides fee-based tutoring before and after school.

Middle School Study Labs: Reading, Math, and Study skill labs are available for middle school students during electives. Students will receive academic support from LSC teachers based on individual need. Contact your student's teacher for more information.

Social Skills Support: The LSC offers several curriculum programs designed to support individual or small groups of students with navigating and growing social skills.

Pull Out Support: The LSC offers one-on-one and small group instruction for students needing additional support or challenge in academic areas. This includes enrichment and remediation. These groups meet in the LSC. We can create a plan designed to meet your child's unique academic needs.

Independent Study: Children testing two grades above their current grade in math qualify for an independent study taught by LSC staff. This is determined by the student's teaching team based upon maturity and placement tests given by classroom teachers.

Advanced Math Placement: Here at HCA, we offer math advanced placement options for first grade through middle school, including in-center instruction as well as having students attend a different grade

504 plans

What is a 504? The Individual Accommodation Plan, section 504 of the Rehabilitation Act of 1973, was created as part of the Disability Act by the federal government. At HCA, a 504 plan outlines how your child’s specific needs are met through accommodation, modifications, or services.

How do I receive a 504 at HCA? You will receive a 504 through the Learning Success Center. All 504 plans require a medical diagnosis.

There are two types of 504 plans offered at HCA: A 504 with accommodations does not change any academic standards. The goal of this 504 is to cultivate success for a student in their classroom with minor accommodations such as pre-teaching, oral testing, quiet environment, front row seating, and/or tutoring. The student does not receive modifications to grades, curriculum, or HCA academic standards.

The 504 with modifications changes HCA curriculum, grades, and/or standards. The goal of this 504 is to cultivate success in students who require more than accommodations based on their disability. This would include modifications to the HCA curriculum and academic standards in your child’s grade level. Such modifications may include curriculum level adjustments and test modifications, as well as pre-teaching, tutoring, or additional LSC support. To receive a 504 with modifications, the student is required to have had a previous 504 with accommodations where the academic goals outlined were not met. This is determined by a student’s success team, which consists of the classroom teacher, department lead or administrator, LSC staff, and parent(s).

A student with 504 modifications will receive a recorded grade based on the 504 modifications. Report cards will note 504 changes that reflect a change in HCA academic standards. If your child is doing an independent study through the LSC, their grades will be attached to the report card. If your student has a 504 with modifications to HCA standards and curriculum, LSC services are required to help support the success of both the student and the general educator.

There is an annual one-time fee of $200 to create a student 504 plan. This includes the first meeting of the student success team, the document, and a meeting to review and sign the 504 plan. 504 plans are reviewed by request of the parent after the first semester. No changes will be made on a 504 until that review.

contact information:

LSC email: LSC@hcabothell.org
Phone: (425) 485-2585 Fax: (425) 486-2895

Founder: Stephanie Andreotti (formerly Mosset), stephaniem@hcabothell.org
Director: Lauren Valerio, laurenv@hcabothell.org
Teacher: Katie Saunders, katies@hcabothell.org
Teacher: Grace Evans, gracee@hcabothell.org